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Reviews for "Great Destiny Man"

Its almost as if its a parody to Samurai Jack

i like it

Like Visual Poetry.
The story of Great Destiny Man is an epic beyond compare. Sexual Lobster, you combined the Flawed Hero of Greek Mythology with the Lonely Traveler of Eastern Mythology to create a character who transcends all cultural expectations. Great Destiny Man is a hero with surprising depth, who lives in a fantasy world that is at once deep, realistic, magical, and mysterious. Through his journeys we begin to question more about this strange man. What is his Great Destiny? Why does it compel him to travel so? How did he come to find his mighty sword, which can penetrate steel as if it were a sheet of paper?

Great Destiny Man's foes are equally compelling. They have their own goals, motivations, and even likeable traits. The shades of Grey conflicts in these stories, in which Great Destiny Man might not always be in the right, keep them gritty, realistic, and yet at once filled with humanity. These are not just throw-away bandits. These are men and women who live, love, and die, sometimes by our hero's sword.

I believe that you have quickly risen to becoming another modern master of fantasy, on the levels of Patrick Rothfuss or George R.R. Martin. The difference being, of course, that none of their characters are nearly as compelling as the ones that you have created. I look forward to seeing more of this character. I have no doubt that in eons to come, he will take the place of a forever-remembered hero, such as Beowulf.

Please, continue this saga.

Awsome ! stil waiting for number 3 ??

A great flash, I definitely like the bit about the cobras.