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Reviews for "I Hate This Game"

wow, lol

it's pretty fun actually! :D

keybol responds:

Thanks! I really appreciate your kind reviews!


From this point on, the reviewers are the first batch who got to see this before it got front page on NG.


I seriously hate this game!!!!

keybol responds:

That's a good title for the next sequel lol

great idea

After encountering so many illogical and pixel hunting room escape games I kinda got sick of them and I thought about makeing something like this too. (But unfortunately I never had the time and mood to learn flash.) So I'm very happy that my idea got realized. And you did it much better than I probably could have done it. You did a great job collecting all the common flaws that appear in point 'n click escape/adventure games!


i hate this game sooo much that i love it! ahahhaha if that makes any sense xD

farely good

it would be imposable without talkingnerfootball