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Reviews for "I Hate This Game"


i can never even get the game to start. i drag the door to the white stop. but it never stays or advances. it just continues to follow my mouse. i click, i move off the screen, i've done everything. this game is simply just not working for me

I HATE this game.

And that's why it's so freaking fun.

Fun I bit hard tho

What amazes me is the global leader ia a guy named Demman23 with 0 clicks... I wonder how that was done?

Fun, but, UUUUUGGGGHHH!!!!

This game is fun, but very fuckin' angsty. You definitely need patience to beat this game. Oh, for those who need help: to start, click the door
1.click the door and drag to the white thingy
2.keep clicking the red thing
3.click the white line on the left of the door
4.press the doorbell five times
5. click right side of the screen
6. click above the black line on the far right
then drag the key to the doorknob
7.open the door
8.highlight PASSWORD and delete it
9.lose the game
10.press no
11.click slightly below the doorknob
12.tab and space
13. click to the left of the door and slide
14.slide the doorknob
15.wait grab the remote and useless screwdriver
wait again grab batteries
click the question mark on remote
click to right of the remote picture
click battery slot
click and drag batteries into the slot
press the x
drag remote to door
16.move the mouse out of the door way
right click
click white door space
17.click the animal thing until it drops the key
drag key to doorknob
18. the password is your name
19.the password is 5693
20.when the wierdo expands click the thing right below him
drag the key card to the slot near door.

start I H-A-T-E This game More by clicking the word start.
21. move boxes collect card move note on bord collect key move trashcan collect acid click door
22. there is a note sticking out on the right side of the panel. in case your having trouble reading it the code is 2569966761.
23. the code is: 5693
24. the doorknob repeats a pattern, wait for it to come back to 1 place, then click it.
25. small black square in the top left. that will highlight the text.
26. tab and type in a score above 1 million
27. the code is: 9084 (you can find the numbers, behind the level number, behind the website, at the bottom right corner of the door, and at the bottom left corner of the game window)
28. hover over the doorknob until the hand spins, and you will open it!(you might need to positon the hand a bit to get the right spot)
29. match up the shapes on the door withe the shapes on the floor
30. wait for the man to disappear at the end of his dance and then click the star near him when he returns (it's to the left of the guy & blinks)



ok i got to lvl 5
lvl 1 simple drag the door
lvl 2 click on the lock a fkload of times
lvl 3 open the door from the oposite end of the handle, on the light to the left of the door
lvl 4 ring the doorbell 5 times slowly
and lvl 5 no fkn clue....
keybol this is too hard!