Reviews for "Surprise Rape"


Now that is hilarious! Great stop animation man! This was pretty friggin great and an original idea at that! This would be even better had it been longer, but I do realize stop motion is a pain in the ass. Either way awesome job!
(would love to see a collection of this!)

BlackBomberInd responds:

Thanks a lot dude! I would've made it longer, but I was at a friend's house and had to be home for my dad's birthday, so was on a tight schedule. Funny, my friend had the idea of making a series of videos of this similar idea! Thanks for the comment! :D


It made me laugh so its winners material.

BlackBomberInd responds:

It's such a good feeling to get comments like these, thanks :)

-Blayke :D


lol funneh rape noises

BlackBomberInd responds:

Thanks, haha :D


just for the shitload of work that comes with stop-motion, 6 stars. 3 because the rape just looked hilarious.

come up with an actual plot and this will do quite good i think.

keep it up

BlackBomberInd responds:

Will do for the next animation, thanks for the good comment :)

so yeah

its short, not much story, but the rapesounds made it freaking hilarious

BlackBomberInd responds:

I agree completely! Thanks for the comment!