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Reviews for "Virtual Handgun"

Very cool

Really good. Excellent FPS. The sounds were good too.


hey, can you do a rifle one?


how bout a knife one? just kidding, but what about a rifle one? let me know when that comes out.

Evilbright responds:

Haha yeah a knife one would be boring. I have a big thing for handguns. That's the major reason why I made this. I may add some extra features sometime but I doubt I'll add rifles right now. I'll let you know if I do. Thanks for the review!


This is quality work. With amazing detail, simple way to use it, and good sound.
I have some suggestions for a follow up:
-Possibly upgraades, like extended clips, silencers, and style upgrades (like a pimped look in army of two) that's bought through exchanging shots fired for the upgrades.
-different weapons, like a mini-uzi, scorpion, etc.
-I'd suggest keeping to smaller weapons because assault rifles always look weird for these types of 'games'

Hope this helps.
Thank you for an amazing submission.

neat and good

this is just...great
it's neat and cool.
However what's the purpose of the back part of G25?
when i click it nothing happens..

Some gun ideas.

The Mauser C96. (Also Known as the Red9 from Resident Evil, or Chinese Type 7 from MGS3.)
Any kind of Revolver.
Bolt Action Rifle?
Just dont get too big with the guns, or to complicated.

I give this "Game" a 10/10 and a 5/5.