Reviews for "Shrink 2"


Cant even count the number of times it got me so aggrivated i wanted to throw my laptop at a baby and beat it with it but its addicting so i liked it

Very interesting

lvl 24 was the hardest and I died 3 times there, otherwise the game was very easy but fun

good game

I'm more of a casual gamer, but this game is one I'd spend time on. It's colorful, the music is catchy, and it keeps it interesting with new shapes to deal with. It's a challenge. great job.

Yes! I WON!

It's really funny!
And btw level 24 is Hard as hell compared to the last level (25)! But i found a way to beat it: first of all you have to shrink the left & right walls until it can, then you have to focus and slowly shrink the top & the bottom, step by step.... yeah, it's hard but not unbeatable!

Addicting :D

I love how they move lol, but the lv 24 is frigging hard D: It takes too long to advance.
Nice graphic, but a bit plain I think, but that doesn't affect the game much :3
Good music too :)