Reviews for "Shrink 2"


i beat it
score -3460
24 is not impossible
just keep trying

All I could say at Levek 24 was:


lv 24 beat me T_T

awsome but i could not beat lvl 24 imma try again later XD instant fave

Fun, but challenging

The game is great - I haven't actually played a game like this before.

I'm currently stuck on Level 24 - do you have any tips?

Everything here is average.

The concept is simple, perhaps a little too simple. Scoring is based simply on how small you can get the rectangle.

The graphics are decent, and fit the simplicity of the concept. They could have been polished a bit more, but then again so could the rest of the game.

The music is a single looped track. It has a decent length, but gets irritating after 10 levels.