Reviews for "Bo Peep's Sheep Toss"

Me in a nutshell



i love this game! (BAAA!) Tip: Shoot diagonal. I like firing the sheep its really fun and this is the best game on NG!


I like this game type, ive played a few before this 1. There is one thing i want you to notice: theres a bugi found: when you press the spacebar before the
"launch power" appears the sheep is rotating somehow and youre not able to stop it (except restarting of coarse) please fix this and let me know!

egdcltd responds:

Okay, this should now be fixed. It only happened after you'd played once, at which point there was a leftover keyListener that was still operational. That should now be deleted after firing.

Pretty Good.

This was actually a pretty good game. The only thing that threw me off is that there are far too many games like this. Toss The Turtle, Learn To Fly, and Kitten Cannon to name a few. Other than that great job.

not bad

graphics could use some work, as could the explosions (I don't think they bosst enough) and maybe some better music if it's going to be on repeat

egdcltd responds:

The bonuses for most of the objects you hit could probably do with tweaking. (The music is "Little Bo Peep" by the way)