Reviews for "Bo Peep's Sheep Toss"

Me in a nutshell



Pretty Good.

This was actually a pretty good game. The only thing that threw me off is that there are far too many games like this. Toss The Turtle, Learn To Fly, and Kitten Cannon to name a few. Other than that great job.


alright game. needs something more. upgrades, more types of obstacles. also it seems some of your acheivments dont work. in particular the height. otherwise its alright.

egdcltd responds:

I intend to have a go at rewriting the entire game in AS3, and add various things to it - if I can come up with more ideas. I won't be working against a deadline next time. I'll have to check the height again, I did think it was working.

A Toss the Turtle Knockoff

Meh, It was kind of bland and unoriginal. It's just toss the turtle only with sheep. it's still fun but kind of bland and lacking. The highscores are a good idea though. Overall, put more effort into this next time.

egdcltd responds:

Actually, it's Kitten Cannon with sheep. I ran out of time to complete it before the competition deadline. It would be better rewriting it in AS3.


After 1 round the screen went blue and the words: "This game is sponsored by:" appeared at the top and "Powered by - Mochi Media" at the bottom. Aside from the advertisement taking over the rest of the game seems solid, nothing inspired or anything, but definitely workable.

egdcltd responds:

I managed to duplicate this error. I decided to experiment with interstitial ads in this game. They happen after highscore submission, at most one every five minutes. Seems if you click buttons on the menu screen before the ad has loaded, it locks it up.