Reviews for "Sketched - Damn Vikings"


Lol love this XD

Wouldn't it be great...

If people like InazzevaR would spontaneously combust?
Or a viking would come from no where and rape him so hard first getting a running start then after "entering his victom" the impact would make his face grind on the pavement?...
Yeah... i know your all wishing the same thing...

At first i thought this was worth a 9 anyways but sense mr. brilliant decided to open his mouth... i gave you a ten.
Pretty much worth it anyways.

Great animation Great voice acting Good joke. n_n

the beav

i like this shit itz beacuse im stoned and i like this. this is a cool clip

cool stuff ,bro!

love the style and flash! :D


wait but was the girl the amazon? did you get that from diablo?