Reviews for "Sketched - Damn Vikings"

Oh, I get it. I was confused about how these stories were connected. They're sketches! I just don't see animated sketches that much. Well, there is "Robot Chicken". I've seen so many parodies of "Dungeons And Dragons".

I've never actually played the game. I liked the song at the end. The animation is quite nice. This is the best in the series! Maybe that's just because I understood it a lot more.

The whole thing is great, save for the audio which is a bit odd at times, but I reckon this depends on the mic used by each character.

Though the highlight of this whole thing was the song at the end! This thing needs a place on it's own somewhere.

Is the chick supposed to look like a guy? Matt Besser is hysterical.

Ha Ha

Dude this is one funny flash, Nice job!

funny shizzle

10 for the song at the end
4 for the cartoon