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Reviews for "Them Coconuts"

Where to Begin

Well firstly , amazing game althooooooo its pointless to play... I mean I was up to level 41-42? With over 100k gold stacked up , all upgrades maxed out , every gun purchased .. and found myself having to click that little "X" on the top right =(

It was fun , and seeing new monsters appear from time to time was fun too , but I mean on my first try I got to dominate the game ..

To anyone having a hard time and willing to invest some time in this (never ending??) game here's a few tips :

Buy the crossbow as soon as possible , and stick with it until you can buy the cannon and rely fully on its overpoweredness , then buy a hired dude when possible , and another one after that then wait until you have enough for the chicken's ( they are grenades with AOE ) and then finally get the last hired dude. Get the goats whenever altho I found myself not using them at all after awhile to see if it would get challenging.. but it didnt =(

Dragon is the best "ultimate". Meteor is a waste and should cost less.. hmmm what else oh yeah , add a ending shall you? I mean seriously with 100k gold I could of went to make a sandwich , come back and just repair my maxed out castle.. lol

Music was highly original and a good touch ^^ Consider working on actually having a little story and ending to the game .. who knows maybe it ends at 50? I'll never find out forsure xD

its ok

Its pretty well made, but gets pretty repetitive over time, the cost of healing is too high for the amount of damage the units put out and how much money you make over time. i felt somewhat overwhelmed with not enough money on only wave 18. i would be very happy if you had made a sandbox mode for the game without highscores. overall its a semi-well polished game with some annoying add-ons (really, stop making us pay to get a good score, its the internet and theres plenty of similar games if we want to play it and have the full game without paying)
fairly well thought out game with interesting mechanics, it was overall fun to play


The game seems to lock up at level 49 (303k pts)

Fun game though. The trick is to spam the number keys.

not bad

not bad game. not really hard at start despite what others say >.> i did fine first time and made it to round 5 on the starter wepion...but then i guess I'm God...

good song

game gets a little repetitive in the end because its just little stronger units with a spam of old ones that just get in the way...

need to work on making a little more unique in the end, like put in newer units sooner with special abilities so its not all same dude with various hp and diff art. and give player abilities like detonate enemy, and better ult weapons :\ 14k for first shot and 7k extra per shot is a little absurd since it has such a small AoE...(talking about meteor (never got dragon)

and to all who think this is to hard I made it to lvl 28 with 77615 points on my first try.

Unfortunately I found repetitive so I will refrain from another go...

must own song!

i need to own this song. i love the game aswell