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Reviews for "Them Coconuts"

nice game but

you could make weapon upgrades for egz.fire bullets. also story. what does the goat weapon do?

Great game

Loved the game, played it once and got to about wave 45. The waves get insane around that point, when I died I had just sent out a dragon but it still left like half the enemies on the screen. I had like 60k when I died but lost focus and got overwhelmed.

I disagree with those who say the game is too hard, or that the upgrades are imbalanced. Healing is "expensive," yes, that's why you throw everything you have at the enemies on offense and use healing as a last resort. My only problem with the game is that I always like to "beat" the game and get an ending, and this game doesn't appear to have an ending.

Tips to beat the game:
1. Don't skimp on weapons/ammo. Its a lot cheaper to kill enemies with the best weapon than it is to use a cheaper weapon and then have to heal.
2. Make getting the 3 upgrades a priority. They are very very effective early and I would definitely buy them first if they are cheaper than the next weapon.
3. Some weapons have long delays in between shots, however you can fire a different weapon in between those shots. For example you can alternate between the machine gun and cannon ball so that you are pretty much shooting both almost 100% of the time its rate of fire allows. This is very very important.

Nice gameplay but.....

I rlly like the sort game you guys made, but it`s to hard. Liked the music thought.
Mayby you can make some mode`s like easy, medium, hard and INSANE!!!!
And make other support people, like a repairer and one that makes the king come faster and mayby one that buffs something up like the money you get or the dmg/def you do/have. game 3/5 music 4/5

It was ok

Unless you're a "God" as one guy describes himself, this is pretty hard. I made it to lever 19 and don't want to have another try at it.
And apparently my review is too short so I will also add that I like puppies, long walks on the beach and holding hands.
Still too short, what's the deal you have to write an essay in order to give your opinion of a game? I mean come on, are we back in highschool english class where the teacher is counting the words?
Also dumb.

Nice game, but not as good as can be

You guys seriously thought this was hard? You really need to think a bit harder. This is what my first playthrough was like.

*Wave 1 starts* -- "Hmm, ok. This doesn't seem too bad...3 shots to kill an enemy. The Bow looks tempting, but maybe I should save up and skip it and get that javelin instead. Whoah, they're at my castle already? No breaks between waves? Oh right, I'm supposed to press the Market button at the bottom." *Click*

"That's better, now I can breathe for a moment. Geez, castle's already at half health, I guess it was a bad idea to skip the bow. Healing's too expensive, but if I'm already getting hit at this point that means my firepower is too weak and healing will do nothing because I will just get hit more. I think I can hold out until the Javelin, I may as well since I already skipped the bow."
*Resumes game, castle drops to 90 health, I buy the Javelin and live*
"Ok, so I probably need a new weapon soon enough. I'll try this pistol since it's expensive." *Buys* "Hmm, the damage is worse than my Javelin, but it seems if I switch between this and the Javelin, I can fire bullets while I wait for my Javelin to be able to shoot again, so this works well. "
*Few more waves pass*
"Ok so the Cannon only gets 20 ammo every time I buy it -- that must mean it's powerful. *Buys Cannon* "Just what I thought it would be. Now I can switch between my Cannon and Javelin while I wait for each to cool down for good firepower. I should probably try support since it's cheap now." *Buys level 1 Support* "Not bad, now I can use my cannon on the big enemies and let the Support kill the small ones. I should get more, but since I seem safe right now, I should repair my castle."

From that point on the game got relatively easy. It requires a little aiming skill and timing, and knowing which enemy to aim for first, but skill should be expected in a game like this. It makes no sense to give a decent game like this a poor review just because it's too hard for a few players.

Anyways, I'm done with my rant. On to the review:

As many people have mentioned, the music is great and original, and as any long-time Defense game player can tell you good music is very important in this kind of game. Next, the graphics are cute and appealing, and the controls are easy and responsive. The weapons are each somewhat useful in their own way and non are too overpowering individually. The upgrading system could use some improvement, which I will elaborate on now, but it's still quite satisfactory.

The upgrading system, as mentioned by other reviews, needs a cheaper heal. Healing is not feasible option until a decent way into the game because healing the damage a few enemies can do is the equivalent of giving up half of a weapon early in the game. In contrast, the ammo is generally too cheap and the player quickly has a surplus of what he needs.

More options would also be useful in the upgrading system. This one currently has: Buy Weapons, Buy Support, and Upgrade Castle. The main problem here is that there are simply too many weapon options, and not enough passive ones. This makes the game boring once a player has found his weapon(s) of choice and stockpiles enough ammo to use them for a while. Basic Defense game upgrades such as faster fire rate or higher firepower would be a good alternative.

Another issue that the multitude of weapons brings up is that it becomes rather difficult to switch between them because there are so many. For the larger weapons, I propose that you add an "Auto-fire" feature for weapons such as Chickens and Goats which allows the player to switch on and off automatic firing of these weapons to reduce the tediousness of constantly switching between their main weapons and these supportive ones. The need to turn it off to preserve ammo is important.

All in all, it's a very good game and I certainly had good fun playing it. Enjoyable music and an overall charming presentation, along with a decent challenge. I look forward to your next game!