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Reviews for "Them Coconuts"

Very enjoyable, but very difficult

To really enjoy it you have to play several times, and develop some strategy to survive... Also, without registering to GamerSafe your achievements are forgotten, and they're helpful!
It took me a bit to get used to the silliness of the game but it was cool :) The music was annoying though and I turned it down (pity there is no option to do this in mid-game!).
Enemies were indeed difficult to kill, and the chickens for example didn't cause enough damage to be useful considering the low rate-of-fire. Repairs are extremely expensive, compared to other games of this kind!
It might have been nice if weapons 8-10 (or even 7-10) could be fired immediately by pressing the number rather than just selected; I anyway found myself holding the mouse button constantly with weapon #6, and while at it pressing one of 7-10 and immediately 6 again - but then sometimes the other weapon didn't fire yet...
Well, got to wave 48 (with GamerSafe achievements), don't suppose I can do much better... Is there any end to this game? I did certainly enjoy it despite the few drawbacks :)

I think its a great idea

but needs developing , also much biger space :)

great style, bad gameplay

I like this kind of graphics, it gives a very good mood to the game. I also really like the music. But the gameplay is pretty bad: it's hard to earn gold, and everything is very expensive - especially the upgrades and repaires. And when I buy a weapon it's a pig in a poke: there are no descriptions, so I don't know if I'll have any use of the weapon I bought or I just threw a lot of money out of the window! And unfortunately the most weapons are total useless, there are no real upgrades above the crossbow, the enemies can take awfully lot of hits from anything! I managed to collect 8000 gold for a new weapon and I could chose between the chicken and the goat; and since there is no description I had no idea wich is better. I bought the goat and it turned out to be completly useless becouse it hits the ground in a random row and its effect on the enemies is very small. I never had the chance to collect another 8K for the chicken, I got overhlmed fast becouse of the lack of a porper weapon.
And as I mentioned before the castle upgrades and repaires are ridiculusly expensive! Upgradeing the walls doesn't worth it becouse it gives only 50 extra Hp for 2K! And if you need to repaire you are in trouble becouse even if you can afford the huge price spending that much money will take away your chance to getting a better gun!
Hireing helpers also doesn't worth the price, they help very little, yet their cost is astronomycal!

not so good

the only thing that kept me was the song its just boring


Funny game,and the song is max.