Reviews for "One Button Bob"


I did it in 457 clicks! That was rubbish lol!

Who needs complex controls?

This game proves that you can have an entertaining and approriately challenging game, even with extremely simple controls. Fun game and I like the graphical style too!

I'm not that convinced about how fun it is to try to get as few clicks as possible though - even though it's an obvious choice for a hiscore system. But especially in that sense I dislike the "click as fast as you can" rooms: failing once in those is a huge punishment to the overall click amount, and thus different rooms aren't equally balanced hiscorewise.

By the way: how is the movement in those fast-clicking rooms implemented? Is it possible to save clicks in them by clicking them in the right rhythm, or do you basically have to use the same amount of clicks to get through the room?

With one button you can still have fun^^

Game is very easy: do everything with a click of mouse. good idea!^^


really challenging and fun game.
yet TOO hard at times.
i wonder how he will carry the chest back, to his house, lol
did it in 4-619 click 5v


Ok first, the basics.
To kill an enemy: click.
Jump: click
To stop when somethings going to kill you: click
Just be persistent and you'll get the hang of the complicated controls.