Reviews for "One Button Bob"

How does he carry it back?

Yea?how does he carry it back?

no flaws in this game! EPIC!

the only flaw I found isn't in the game, but the medals, and that doesn't count lol: the gold medal it's impossible without cheating, how do I get that one? (in my best run I can't get less than 150 clicks O-o)

very good

its awsome but i cant get to the boss!

very fun game!

Incredible how fun the game can be with one button :D Also the guy that couldnt beat the boss, i had a hard time first 5 times or so too, but you get the hang of it fast enough. Basically, your guy shoots automatically and you just control whether he goes left or right. At the start of the round go up to the boss, then click once when youre in melee. When one bomb has dropped and fallen below the floor go back up to the boss rinse repeat. If you do it well enough he'll die in 3 sequences.

Cool but VERY hard

*I like the old school feel ...and i got up to the final boss...but after trying 300 times I give up...programmers made it way too hard.