Reviews for "One Button Bob"

A thoroughly original and well-designed game.

This is both immensely frustrating and immensely satisfying. Good work.


at the end he cant carry the trasure chest hahaha and if game slow put quality DOwn

I haven't written a review in years

But for this game I will.

Didn't expect to play this game as long as I originally thought. That's both good and bad, it was fun but the last boss was just annoying. not fun annoying just ruined it, sure didnt help that the game started going slow and i couldn't tell what was happening..the falling rocks make it way too repetitive and you really just lost will to bother. Not a quality you want
loved the music and challenges but the ending just sucked and made me realize how much I just wasted my time.

what the frick

what the fuck this game is slow

Make a sequal pleasee!!!

The boss wasent as hard as i thought he would be...make a part 2 to this!