Reviews for "One Button Bob"

Great fun

Very original and well executed concept that is at once great fun and occasionaly frustrating. I thought the collision detection for jumping on those platforms was kind of harsh, but maybe it was on purpose. Overall, though clearly I had to go through some of the scenes several times, I think the difficulty was just right, not too hard, not too easy. One of the few games on the portal that I actually played all the way. Congratulations !

A prime example of simplicity breeding superiority

I am a sucker for pixels, and midi, and something that's relaxing to play, rather than frustration inducing. I have had a blast just clicking a button, seriously this not only relaxing but just outright awesome.


Absolutely brilliant! Simplicity should always be rewarded. To do it with such style and originality is rare. Playable, challenging yet do-able... just all-around excellent stuff!


Very cool game - although I blame you for the fact that I need a new mouse! Very cool graphics, smooth gameplay, simple controls and great music. Nice work!!