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Reviews for "Armadillo Knight 1"

5 stars for nostalgia points


Congrats, I really loved this one. The only problem is even when you passed the blue flag and being killed, you restart at the beginning of the game. xD

I thought this game was decent. I do wish you could have put a description in the game itself on how to use the controls. Then again, I guess that's what author comments are for. What I didn't like about this game is that it did seem like it was just the same thing over and over. At least the graphics were good. It's also a pretty original idea to have an armadillo as the main character.

Those things are so cool you kind of wonder why they don't appear in pop culture more often. All of the enemies were designed pretty well too. I'm surprised this isn't at least a bit more popular. The music is good and sets the tone well. The sounds are nice as well, especially with how the sword whips around.

I remember this game. By the way, the person who uploaded this game is not the real author. Trent The Fox is the person who made this.


Oh Dear I LOVE Armadillo Knight it's an awesome Game with Gallan & Milo <3
But is this version a little bit different from the others (search in google) ? (no i'm not mean part 2 or 3..)
i don't know but it's nice! thx 4 upload here in NG :D

i wish we will know where or who the creator of this game is D: