Reviews for "Effin Zombies"

I love this

I was playing on easy, and I forgot there was a difficulty option in the beginning. My score was around 3000, and I hadn't been hit. I also had well over 800 rounds for my automatic rifle, and around 300 for my shotgun. I was going to complain about how the ammo drops too much, how the zombies were too slow, and how it was overall too easy. Then I remembered there was a difficulty selection screen at the begining. I played on hard, and the game had every element that I was going to complain about being missing. Great job. This is a great game.


I Love this game!

I don't usually like these look down type shoot'em ups, but this is great, love the way the zombies just swarm in, brilliant...

fun game....

very fun but still... no real point to it...... maybe try this. 1. add a storyline 2.start out w/ only a pistol and gain other guns later on 3. on my opinion change controls.....

Simple but solid

This is a cool game, its simple but it functions well and looks good too. As other people have said it would be nice to have some kind of ending. I think a little more variation in zombies would be good too, like some fast moving rage zombies something.

Not Bad

But could've been better.