Reviews for "Chibi Knight"

Really good BUT...

I've played this game multiple times getting faster and faster times, very enjoyable

but... i found a glitch that occurs when you pause the game for several hours.
just though you should know.

Still a 10/10 though.

Best Adventure Game

The Chibi Knight Looks Like Meta Knight..LOL
Awesome Game..It Totally Rocks!!
Koolest Mini Adventure Game I Have Eva Played!!
You Should Make More Games Like This!!


Amazing game you should make a part 2 keep up the good work :D

OH MAH GAWD!!!!!!!!

This game was the cutest/kick-ass/amazing game evers! I would very much like to see more! Oh and I liked your Zelda references... :D

awesome game!

oh.....mah........GAWD. this game struck me. really hard. if i ever made a top ten flash RPG games on NG, this would be number three. BEST RPG ON NEWGROUNDS. PERIOD. (next to turn based battle)