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Reviews for "Babies Dream of Dead Worlds"

Pretty good.

This games style was impressive. The gravity system was brilliant. The portals were annoying. My only strong complaint is the lack of story. It needs finality. Having to do guess work to deduce what's happened is entertaining in movies. Not so in video games. I understand the concept and I understand what you were trying to imply in the conversations about "the study" ,but. Some animation after completeting all of the challenges would really be appreciated!! Other than that great game. You have a good idea for an entire series here! Hope to see more

All right

The game itself was pretty good, really I thought it wasn't that bad. I thought the flying penis guys with blood coming out of them was pretty funny too. Oh wait that's the dead world guys.

"THE WORLD CHANGES NOTHING" medal is impossible

Good game and all, but I have some problems getting all the coins from the first and last Naiij's levels.

1 coin around the 4 platforms section is impossible to get because you are too far of the middle and the gravity doesn't let you jump high enough to pass a block. The same happens with the very first section of the last level, once you get the coins, you are stuck in a little structure in the upper part and you can't get out, you can't even die and return to the beginning because you are stuck there.

I don't know about everyone, but I'm having those problems...

GregoryWeir responds:

It is possible to get all of the coins.

Good, Compact

It's a short, simple game that doesn't get you hold up on anything difficult. It's more to tell a story in my opinion while also experiencing a different (and I think pretty cool) way to travel that can be expanded on in the future if you wanted.

I like it. The story was what really kept me playing because I was curious. I appreciate the plot.


are they made of dicks? though good platformer.