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Reviews for "Babies Dream of Dead Worlds"

The idea makes it intriguing

I really enjoyed it. It was low-tech, but still a good game and easy to play. I can see a few people giving this game low marks because they think this is a political issue, but of the ones I have read, I think the naysayers are being a little disingenuous.

Deep Man

You made me feel sadness for a bunch of alien monsters, and for that you get a ten.

It seems the dooshbags have come out to play

These reviewers seem too nitpicky. It's basic, but fuck, it's a pixel game. In games like this, simplicity is the key. The execution is perfect, in my opinion. Hell, the second Naaij level had me playing for a couple of hours alone. It's just one of those games where you gain more from exploring your surroundings than actually completing the game. It's story was very different, and on a website where everything is slowly becoming cliched, this breaks the mould. Your artistic talent, while basic, is amazing. It just goes to show that you don't need huge budgets and whatnot only to create a mass of garbage (Avatar the game, anyone?), all you need is inspiration and a lot of heart. Brightened my day. Thank you so very much :)

Baibies Dream of @)*$!#&% Wierd Stuff!

Siriously, WTF is this place? It is just so wierd that I can't not give it a 10/10! No Joke!

Babies do...

this game is deep! real deep! the meaning and thoughts are genius! music and graphics complete each other perfectly. this game really makes you think about what goes on before life...