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Reviews for "Babies Dream of Dead Worlds"

interesting concept

Overall, I thought that this is a nice little good. It took awhile to get a hold of the controls and the gameplay was over-simplifed. But, other that that it's a good way to burn some spare time if you got it.


I just couldn't get into it... thought it was interesting, but lacked excitement.
I wasn't into the controls either, thought they were a tad frustrating..

I guess the reviews don't reflect the "votes" , 'cause I have no idea how this game is enjoying a 3.8 average, if you tally the review marks you get around 2.5 to 3.0 ... maybe... weird.


This is great project. The Mell's part really makes you think.

This game is brilliant!

The whole "The more far you are from the center, the less high you jump" thing is like a brand whole new world with it's own unique physics you have created, and which could have been our world in other circumstances (I heard something about that our physics were "chosen" right after the big bang), or it can exist in other dimensions, or other cool phyosophycal things. It is also fun.

All right

The game itself was pretty good, really I thought it wasn't that bad. I thought the flying penis guys with blood coming out of them was pretty funny too. Oh wait that's the dead world guys.