Reviews for "Babies Dream of Dead Worlds"


i cant sleep anymore. thats... thats...... SOOO SCARY

I Remember...

I remember having this vision the day before I played this game

Really nice.

I like this game. I like the gameplay, and I really like the music in Mel's stories. It's so calming. Naiij's level music was very calming too. I dislike how in Naiij's second level it got really tough to navigate and it gets easy to get stuck in a spot that's hard to get out of. This game and story is really nice, but I wish you would have added in a unlockable final story that you get when you finish all of the main stories. The story seems so incomplete without a final story to give a true ending to the story that was started. This game is very nice, and I love it.


i like the game and stuf but why the hell was it necesery to make the main character a dick? i mean sriusly?


i love the story line! can you make a movie of "the end" of the world?