Reviews for "Babies Dream of Dead Worlds"


wtf,the moment i finish the tutorial is freezes!


are they made of dicks? though good platformer.

thats ok

well i mean its quite good but ive got to admit that those are somefucked up babys but anyway art-3 story-7 graphics-5 but you tryed and that counts so good job

Not Liking it...

First of all, I understand your minimalist approach to games, I've played your other ones, but why so minimalist with the plot as well? Their really is no lot or character development, that and it's extremely short, The controls are ok, but this would have worked a lot better if you zoomed the perspective out a little so we can see hazards we might be hitting after slingshotting to the bottom of the screen or to the top...


It was beautiful yet I feel the pain of what I call the DreamCrawlers.