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Reviews for "Babies Dream of Dead Worlds"


Really interesting game but INFINATELY annoying when you can't seem to collect that 1 stupid star in the Naaij levels... Fix this please... Terribly annoying, takes away from the game


Hmmm... you added specifically - A storyline, for people who love stories..... A trial or so, puzzle like quest to collect coins, which was a lengthy part of the game, for those who take it slow, and enjoy it... And a fast paced race, for those who love a challenge, and want to move on to the next thing quickly.

Either I'm dumb, or I got that all put together, you tried to make a perfect game? Your games always end up being art lol... It's good because everybody gets what they want.

Anyones, regardless of my tired rambling- Loved how you experimented with the blur effect, added a little more to the game.. Black babies dreaming of the racing? *cough cough* Just kidding.... Good game, hopefully you make another great piece of interactive art like this again soon.

Baibies Dream of @)*$!#&% Wierd Stuff!

Siriously, WTF is this place? It is just so wierd that I can't not give it a 10/10! No Joke!


O love the concept and meaning.

I marvel this

I just was absolutely blown away by this game. The animation was fantastic, and the music was ver mesmerizing, and I have yet to see better animation!

Excellent game 10/10 5/5