Reviews for "Babies Dream of Dead Worlds"

Babies do...

this game is deep! real deep! the meaning and thoughts are genius! music and graphics complete each other perfectly. this game really makes you think about what goes on before life...

I don't get it.

I think the story is way to complex, I feel like a moron because I don't get it, could someone clarify for me? The game overall was quite easy to play, just so odd.

A beautiful and thoughtful game.

A very different and very thought provoking game with simple gameplay mechanics and graphics which provide a easy to get to grips with but difficult to totally master game. The atmosphere of the game is very absorbing as a whole and the concept (and indeed just the title) are enough to peak most people's interests. That being said, this game will not agree with some people. (in my opinion, most people but I digress.) However, if you enjoy a simple, thought provoking and absorbing experience this one has it all. In particular with it's soundtrack.

PS. Seriously guys? Penises? They look more like butterflies to me.


I glitched in a wall while slingshotting on the level with all the houses.
It was the top floor.
I couldn't get out.

Epic Storytelling

There is so much to read into this story about what dead babies dream of and the three different stories really help to expand the understanding of what you want to say.

Getting to the end of the levels is easy...its accomplishing something along the way which is more demanding. Good lesson sir. Good lesson.