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Reviews for "Babies Dream of Dead Worlds"

amazing yet...

The actual story itself was kind of sketchy. The general idea and concept was very nice, however you really didn't close up the story that well. The art and music were very nice, but the music got a bit repetitive. The coin collecting story was near impossible to finish with 100% coins. The game needs one thing, a seqaul with different music and a more complete story line. For example: You make the three sisters travel seperate paths to save their world.

And for all you @#$@#$% who are calling the characters penisis @#$# you.

too much villainus parts

Not a bad game in all, but I hate those purple fields! You can't die, thats a good part, but thos purple fields can still drive me pretty mad, especiall becouse of the very bad hit detection, becouse if a single pixel of me hits that hazard I'm teleported back!

Excellent game.

It's not the gameplay that caught my attention but it's the true meaning of this game. It's so deep. The graphics fit perfectly in my opinion. To keep this review short I'll say this game is great and it tells you something. The only thing that's not so great is the gameplay itself. Some times it's a bit frustating, but that's about it. So overall excellent piece of ARTWORK!

nice game


its ok.

weak storyline and the center of gravity pissed me off. that's about all i have to say about this.