Reviews for "Babies Dream of Dead Worlds"

babies have very weird dreams...

Babies dream of fucked up flying penises?? lol this is a pretty good game though

I just wish that the hit-box on the...fly thingy..whateveritis actually matched its body. It's just a huge block, which is hard around the coin-collect levels.

i got stuck

at the begining of the tutorial when you had to jump far i walked to far and fell then couldnt get out. so i would make it where if you fall you can get out

sooooooooooooo gooooooooood!!

I liked it a lot,but the story was to simple and few...need more character developing.
Also,I know my "rating" to this game should be a 9,but the controls are absurd for me,because I can't master them as with other games. Maybe it is a stupid reason for giving an 8...but I think I'm right.
But...whatever,the game is cool,and very artistic. The dudes that say "boooo...graphics are zo baaaad..." or "I haz nothing to do with da game,'cause the art is s@#t" are idiot. The main of the game isn't on the graphics,it is on the style.
Overall: - 5/5 (but 90%,4.5/5)
-8/10 (well, maybe 9)