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Reviews for "Babies Dream of Dead Worlds"

Completelty Unrewarding

the concept is great, but this is an example that a great concept or story does not make a great game alone.

Graphics - I like them. Pixelated, and in good fashion. This is probably the only real great thing this has going for pixel lovers. They work greatly with the "other world concept", and prove that with enough support, your imagination can make the best of it for the player. this isn't one of those games that make the graphics crap and expect the player to be imaginative, it actually helps the player to do so.

The rest, I have to say was not redeeming. The gameplay is ultimately monotone. All 3 characters revolve around the same mechanic. Jump, avoid rifts, hit the pole, done. One's just sped up and the other just collects crap. Mell just leaves you with the idea that it's just best to be a Nihilist. Naaij's story is like Existentialism, you're condemned to free will. Make life worth it and live simply for existing. But the game doesn't work with it. the gameplay again is the same as all the others, Naaij just collects stuff. In the end it's boring and I haven't even collected half the crap. The slingshotting becomes the main reason to play the game and honestly if I just wanted to go up and down all the dang time I would just go play some pong ripoff my java class friend made. The racing story is almost just for kicks. Same gameplay, but you have to adjust to the faster speed. It's a race with absolutely NO competition, but there's a clock which doesn't matter because you can always go back with every mistake, with the esc key after you know how to go through the entire thing and try again. Hell, you can even exploit the rifts to pop up farther than where you are. . assuming that wasn't supposed to happen.

the philosophical value is grand, but the problem with that is the only people who will benefit from such logic are those that understand it in the first place. Bertrand Russel once said Everyone benefits from the study of Science, but only students of philosophy and those that interact with them benefit from it. Many people won't get the full idea of the concept, and will probably only understand that this world is coming to an end, and that this can connect with their feelings on "does life matter." It doesn't hit a lasting emotional conflict, as that question has been asked time and time again.

Aside from all the nitpicking, the concept is also the redeemer, to an extent. Most games don't challenge life, or make you think anymore. If they do it's with a puzzle. If it's philosophical with good and evil and crap like that, it's always love conquers all and live to live. The bad guy may challenge ethics but it's always the good moral Christ like selfless hero that wins. Kudos to you for making a game that is actually thought provoking in a deeper sense. I liked the game, don't get me wrong; however, it leaves an unrewarding feeling in me.

I just felt somewhat depressed after playing this

Only because in the end, that is what occurs. It was pretty evoking in that that is what occurs when an end is present. The world ended but it was just the beginning of a new journey. It could have been transitory in that the end of that world was the beginning of the child's or that it was the end of everything and there was no foreseeable alternative, just the end. Regardless of the thought behind it, it was an excellent game.

Very Werid

This game is very werid I like in a weird way

Thought Provoking... whoa.

I usually enjoy Flixel games for the game play and thought-provoking concepts. However, this time the game play was a little stiff and general physics of jumping and central-gravity were a little off. This game, especially Mell's story, made me think about some crazy concepts. The fate of our world, for example. I give you a 10 for the awesome concept, -1 for jumping issues (mostly naiji's 3rd level), and a -1 for Naiji's story. Good game overall!

pretty nice

i'll give u a 7 4 the effort ^-^