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Reviews for "Babies Dream of Dead Worlds"

Thank god these are dead worlds.

Dont take me wrong,the idea of babies seeing worlds that no longer exist is at least exciting,but it was poorly executed.The games is boring and the graphics are,hum,childish.I liked your other games way more than this one.Seriously.

Disappointing to see this up on front page.

This game is a huge disappointment and there are far better choices that could have been put up instead.

The graphics:

If there was another world, and all the creatures were doing all this research into dimensions and rifts, don't you think they would have built a little more than just random array of green squares and Roman columns? Even some guy's house was just a square space. Some people would argue that it makes it more mysterious and open to imagination, but that's not the point of a game. If that's going to be the case, they can go stare at a blank screen and "imagine" themselves a game.
The backgrounds are just the same for every single level. There's no variety, at all. It gets so boring just seeing the same colours over and over again. Give me a break.

Mediocre. Fuzors was probably the best, but overall, it was nothing special. Some good background noise that was just poorly looped. In the end, I just turned it off and put on some actual music tracks.

The gravity engine was the only really good thing I liked about this game. It was very smooth and allowed a good gameplay at points. Also balanced between fast-paced action and watching the green bricks go by, which is good as it gets some variety going, a seriously lacking factor everywhere else.

The controls were quite strange, and had some getting used to. For instance, why was left and right directional pad left ad right but jump was X? Why not just make it directional pad up? That would make more sense. In fact, why didn't you just center all the buttons around WASD like normal games instead of just randomly spreading them across the keyboard? It makes no sense. Also, trying to Super-Jump forward was a bitch. You couldn't simply hold down X, Up, Right/Left, it had to go X+Up, Let go of Up then press Right/Left. Why is this so complicated? I don't mind a challenge but only when it's not due to poor controls. It's just unnecessary and annoying.

Also, there was a strange glitch where I would slingshot but then get stopped on a ledge where one of my character's pixels was diagonal to the platform, so I had to go back and try again. It wasn't too much of a major problem but it was really irritating, especially in tight spaces.

- Fuzors:
How many racing games did you really think are out there? You couldn't have chosen a more cliché concept, could you? While it does make use of the gravity engine, it's pointless and there's no competition at all. All there is a timer, and tbh, I couldn't care less whether I got there in 23 seconds or 150 million seconds. I don't get anything extra either way. No contribution to story either, so it's just pointless side mission that you don't have to do, or can enjoy.

- Mells:
Possibly the most interesting of the stages, but the term 'interesting' in this context means 'obscure', 'vague' and 'downright half-assed'. The storyline was incomplete, and vague with no real direction to where it was going or what it was trying to achieve. It's execution was terrible as well. You could have done much better than just talk to someone, fly on a bit, talk to another person, fly on a bit.. it's so repetitive, I could have just gone outside and done this myself and it would have been more useful. In the end, I came away thinking that all this level is good for is learning how a dick with tentacles lost his balcony.

- Naijjs:
Parallel to the review of Fuzors level, another cliché concept with no real point to the storyline, but way more irritating and pointless. If I wanted to go collect coins all day, I'd play Super Mario Bros. At least all the coins are accessible and not hidden away in trapped locations in that game. I got to the end only to find out that even though I had completely searched the level, I still had 3 coins to go. At this point, I was just so glad to see the pole. Pointless and useless, with a few philosophical sentences that don't really mean anything.

In conclusion, this game was just poorly done. Doesn't deserve front page at all.

i bet

i bet tha is where baby come from.

Great concept, yet mixed execution

This here is a classics example of how game couldn't keep up with great concepts. I found the game to be immensely enjoyable and thought provoking, but also found gameplay to be lacking and unfulfilled in different areas and aspects.


What we see here is almost nothing like any other platformer games in term of graphical art as it is very niffy, timeless, and alien. The pixel art gave you freedom to craft what you see is appropriate to your concept and it definitely delivered. Even more, I feel that this might be another good case of gaming as art. The creature design, while very odd and surreal, fits well to the concept and environment.

However, even when environment is excellently dream-like, I felt that it is bit empty and bland too. The architecture design, while simple, leave lot to desire and could benefit bit more from better design and structure. Also, the creature's face looks ugly even if it intentional, although you could argue that it looks "beautiful" to their kinds and not to us.



while close to 8-bit or 16-bit in root, the tunes are eerily atmospheric and memorable and fits well to the environment and theme. Even if they're well made, they felt like they're not fluidly looped well and sometime feel repetitive as result. Menu and Mell's themes are the best of bunch, though.



Plot is bit of mixed bag, though it is still emotionally and philosophically profound. The idea that we dream of dead world and previous life as child in womb is unheard of in gaming sense, forcing us to rethink about how fate and nature play into our lives and the ideas that no matter how different creatures can be, we all strive to live for the best for ourselves and others, even in time of cruel end.

However, I feel that Mell's story have the most impact and implication in overall arc while two other character's story are minimal at best, even though their action do have philosophical impacts. Also, 10 levels isn't enough to tell the whole story and concept you established, so the plot feel lacking and incomplete in the end.



Also a mixed bag in term of execution. While unique platforming gameplay go hand-in-hand with the plot that greatly lend to atmosphere, I feel that they're not extremely polished to the degree where it should be nearly flawless. While platforming engine, gravity, and slingshots are well crafted, the level designs felt like an after-thought where they're not completely taking advantage of gravity and slingshot elements. Also, racing and coin-collecting isn't a good alternative to Mell's story progression levels since they offer very little in entertainment value.

Naijj's levels are the biggest offender since they unnecessarily extend play-time and coin-collecting didn't feel fun as they should be because of bland level design, even when few of areas with coincs are impossible to reach or impossible to get out, leaving me unable to acquire gold medals. Fuzor's levels felt too short because of racing themes, though they do extend play-time for attempts to beat high scores. However, it also give little entertainment values because of too many obstacles in the way and offer little of story progression. Mell's levels, while interesting and have best story, felt too simple with very linear paths laid out for players with conversations being optional. Perhaps the level designs should offer bit of challenge to make players feel more involved.



Even with the flaws, I cannot ignore good efforts. Great concept, perfect atmosphere, thoughtful plot, and unique art are deeply profound and can stick with you for a while after finishing the game. While those elements certainly give this game lot of charm and identity, there's far too many flaws to make this game as one of all time greats on the internet. While the game isn't perfect, it is certainly enjoyable enough to play through entirely and sit back to let the emotional thoughts drown into your minds. Not a must-play, but a should-play for anyone.

Soullock Score: 8.2/10
Newground Score: 8/10

Disregard all preceding counterintellectual rabble

Person below me has completely misunderstood the game. Concept is original, plot is thought-provoking, game is consistently more and more challenging. Not a very long play, but then why would it need to be? I loved it.