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Reviews for "Babies Dream of Dead Worlds"

sorry man

very very slow game
although i did see some potential
the center gravity idea was pretty neat and id love to see it in another game with a bit more to it
im a pretty patient guy and i usually try to paly games through btu i just couldnt stomach this one any longer, i just didnt see that i was doing anything at all
and as a small side note, maybe redesign the alien so that it looks a little less falic
all in all great ideas, it just seems to be rushed, theres way too much dead space in the game

Good, but uninteresting.

This game has potential, but lacks the ability to keep me playing. I got bored very quickly. On the plus side however, I enjoyed the central gravity system. It was quite cool.

Not Bad

The control scheme was fun. The slingshot mechanic was a bit fun. I wished you had an opportunity to use it more. Most everything only requires basic puzzle manipulation.

The story seems to drag, if you talk to the npc's much. I feel like the title, and bits of npc dialog are going to lead you to something interesting, but they don't really.

The graphics are going for simplicity, but honestly it just seems cheap. You're not constrained to 8 bit scenery, but you seem to constrain yourself - and it doesn't add anything.

Ehh, interesting

I a being a first timer on my account, but long time comer to NewGrounds. That game was a very, interesting game, good idea and good story plot (lol) but the overall look of the game way plah.


Very different. The gravity center as a great idea. Nice game (and hard to get all the golds)