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Reviews for "Babies Dream of Dead Worlds"

It was ok, but it was lacking

The concept was good and the world was nice, but collecting all those items was incredibly boring. The storyline could have used some more spicing up, too. It was a good concept, but I don't think it was done as it should/could have been.

um uh

i'm gonna sound stupid but is that that supposed to be a fetus a baby or a bug?

not much

no variety, kind of boring. in some aspects it's original, but in the end, it's not much. sorry.


Weird idea, and i like it. Nice concept of gravity as well.

I'm a bit confused at the story, but i guess that comes with the name. Some purple rifts for collecting the gold stars are way too hardespecially since the guy moves up and down naturaly.

Also echoing the point Vonpea said, if you want to collect 300items. even 175 gets a bit tiring and boring after a while.

Keep it up.

Great game...

...but it was too cumbersome. Collecting 300+ items gets tiring...