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Reviews for "Babies Dream of Dead Worlds"

Another fantastic game from the great Fixel!

The slingshot game mechanic, the three different game types, the story, the gaps and silences, the dead world concept and the circular referencde therin ("What do you think our babies dream about?" in the last part of Mell's story). This game, like all of your games, is a touching and profound work of art! Please continue and I can't wait to see what you come up with next! :)

I got reeled in

And the award for best game name ever goes to... Babies Dream of Dead Worlds! Who didn't want to check it out? So great name and amazingly unique concept. However, awkward controls + simple graphics + mysterious subject matter = WTF is supposed to be going on in this game?! It did keep me interested enough to keep going, until I got stuck on the coin collecting level. Meh.

Just amazing!

amazing concept,interesting storyline,mell's story really makes you curious! 10/10!


very origional but the story line could have used some work, over all a pretty good game.

WTF?! Story completionist here-Must understand!

Yo did a good job on this, it was fun and interesting...but WHAT WAS GOING ON?! Personally, i am one of those people who must fully understand a plot. I want to know what was going on! all i could gather was a guess as follows: 3 thigs (fuzor,mell,Naaij) are living in i guess a babys mind. fuzor races, mell researches, and naaji collects coins. however, as the baby grows it slowly forgets the dreams, and the world the things live in is dying. fuzor races to become legendary before the dreams end. mell finds the truth (kinda) and must tell the public the world is dying. naaji collects coins on a quest to become.(i dunno what that means) Anyhow, thats all i gleaned. PLEEZ TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON! i really wanna know :(.