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Reviews for "Babies Dream of Dead Worlds"

Don't let 'em get you down, Weir!
Keep up the good work!

How do we freaking play this game. Sorry i give you no stars.

great game

Good concept

Another good idea here, and it seemed to have worked out for the best, this has good appeal and is very entertaining, has a nice visual about it and there was some fun and nifty things that came from this, You have something here even if it does need a few extras, This was a good concept of a game and you have added a sort of story with this one wich was neat, The "GRAPHICS" was simple on this but it kind of fit with it being about dreams and such, I do like that you had a nice "INTRO" in thisallowing for more depth and such, so that was a plus, so props to you there on that aspect of things and so-on, Entertaining thats what i thought this was, it was a good idea and flowed with energy in that aspect of stuff, there could be some extras but its still alright as is aswell, so in myimprovment section i may suggest some ideas, but you do have something here.

I had an entertaining experience with this entry of yours, there was some nice visuals and even better stuff as you get thru it, i still think you should add more stuff, more extras, and give it a tad more quality, But anyways it was alright, The controls seemed iffy maybe you could make the movment more lose with the controls just an idea though.

Wtf I just played