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Reviews for "Babies Dream of Dead Worlds"


Idk if I'm doing something wrong... but I fall within the first 4 seconds and can't get back up... so...


Art critics unite. Let's see how much we can trash one person's creation. If there is anything that's TRULY stupid, it's some of the bad reviews I've been seeing.

On another note, the game itself is interesting. It has simple graphics that give the game it's own quality and a smooth ambient soundtrack that complements it nicely.
Gameplay is simple and I have to say I really enjoyed playing. All philosophy aside.


Whether or not the game is philosophical is not the problem. The flying mechanic on the first level is broken and the game is nearly unplayable


Pretty pretentious if you ask me

Neat concept, would like to see this idea executed differently.+

Music pretty much was sucked, unfitting and uninteresting, what a waste.-

Gameplay was boring, but not terrible, and with games like this this can be excused, but not particularly in this case, this game was so uninteresting and bland gameplay did not help.-

Boring art, nothing interesting to look at, which is pretty funny given the potential of the setting.-

But I guess thats just my opinion, other people seem to dig this so thats cool.

Not boring if you think

People claim that the game is boring. The game was not necesarily meant to be exciting, it was meant to make people THINK. If you were looking for an exciting, action game this is not it. This is wayy more phisilocal, etc.