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Reviews for "Babies Dream of Dead Worlds"


It has crossed my mind what babies dream of. Good game!

i got stuck in the first level

you gotta fix the bug after the first sign. if you jump wrong, i guess youre screwed


I have to admit this is a 10/10 for me. The story is polished and the gameplay and graphics are good, though I could swear I was in some sort of penisland. Anyhow, the concept was intriguing and unique as well; the idea of what our existence or dream of such existence may be before we are even born certainly warrants a neat little game to explore the possibilities. In other words, very nice. =P


i think i'm one of the only ones who gets this game... to think, a universe being destroyed and causing saddness to its inhabitants...thats only a dream of a child who will never remember it.

"what do you suppose our babies dream of, mell? before they open their eyes? before they have any memory? what do they dream about?"

Am i moving a purple penis?

I like the story but seriously? a penis?