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Reviews for "Babies Dream of Dead Worlds"

Could have been a lot better

The idea could have been very interesting. I liked the alien-ness of the creatures and how the story was taking place inside babies' dreams. But the game was just boring. The control scheme tried to be original, but didn't end up that great. The race levels weren't challenging, and the collection levels were really dull. The only possibly intruiging part was Mel's story, where you got to see a bit more of the storyline, but still it had poor execution and ended up kind of awkward and bland. You had a potentially great concept, but didn't take it very far.


well, title is nice and yes i understand there is a message underlying this game, but the problem is a game needs to be fun...it just wasn't very interesting to play, and i'm not super intense on good graphics but its hard to sit and look at old bad graphics for long periods of time, this would be better as a movie

Very nice

I'm actually wondering why everyone is so butt hurt over this game, i liked it. And maybe it wasn't front page material, but it was still pretty cool. It took me a second or two to realize that you were playing the gravity card, but once i figured it out, the game was quite simple. I also really liked the music, even if it did get a little annoying after playing for 10 or so minutes, but it reminded me of the very odd house and I've loved their stuff since i played that one game, i cant remember what its called right now... anyways, all in all, i think you did a great job, and this was surly a great waste of time :) keep up the good work

PS: Kudos for using the Flixel framework thing, I've really liked stuff made with that style ever since canabalt. Goodwork


Seems interesting at first, but I am puzzled how it got front page. The controls could be better and it's a bit glitchy when it comes to doing some of the slingshot jumps. I can see where this game is going, but I think it needs to be finely tuned to a degree.

Very Deep.

It is clear that most of the other reviews are by 12 year-olds that don't understand what this game is saying... Or maybe just fools.

This was a very deep idea and I like how you brought it out. The mood was created well.

I am not the biggest fan of 'flixel' style, but I saw through all that for the message. This game is a work of art and I appreciate what you did here.