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Reviews for "Babies Dream of Dead Worlds"


i love the story line! can you make a movie of "the end" of the world?


its a bleak world near the end of the game but the like the yello 1 the best he has a moral a thing to fight for .... respect


interesting difficult game...... i wonder if babies REALLY DO dream of this....that would be a little weird....anyways great game :)

Pretty Storyline

The gameplay is fun and all...but the storyline makes me so sad and emotional because you get really attached to the different characters. Also the fact that your thinking of how everything there is destroyed and never remembered sorta makes it sadder...I wonder what babies really dream of?

uhhh im confussed...

I didnt get far in the game... cuz ii got stuck D; . its a great game though , it makes me think twice about babies...