Reviews for "Wrath of Anubis"


LIked it, great platformer. Reminds me of SNES old times.

You just gotta LOVE this game !

Here's my review:

GRAPHIX and ANIMATION:Looking good.16-bit Old-school graphix.The movement of the characters was realy smooth too.

MUSIC:Splendid soundtrack.Reminds me of All-time classics and brings back good memories.

CONTROLS:Simple and 'Easy to learn' !

OTHER:An archeologist who goes inside a temple full of monsters was a good scenario.Everyone enjoys that kind of stuff !

OVERAL:You totaly rock dude !

Brilliant Game!

I just finished collecting all 54 (54?) idols, even the one from the ghost level. The game was fun, fast paced, and challenging. The only disappointment to be found was when the game ended.

I freaked out for a second when there was no notification for the medals. Having an unlock notification would be really nice, if you are still updating this game.

A suggestion for the sequel: add a timer and speedrun challenges. I often found myself running through the level, making high risk jumps and doing things like sliding under arrows in order to be the slightest bit faster. It would be nice to use this as a challenge, where every second counts if you want to get platinum.

Canadian-Jeff responds:

Ghost level- I'm glad to hear someone beat it!

I was never able to finish it myself. lol

I seriously need to get a life but...

I got 52/50 treasures! Awesome game! I have to say that while I worked around it fairly easily most of the way through, you might want to tweak the responsiveness of the double jump ever so slightly. Also, I did notice the slight lag other people have mentioned, although in my case it was only towards the end. Best Mario clone I've ever seen. Take pride in that.


This is, perhaps, best side scroller on Newgrounds. The graphics may be pixelated, but they remind me of an old Nintendo. The feel of the game is very much Mario meets Pitfall.
I like the fact that it's not a run&gun game. Several levels require you to think before you jump.
Good job on the Graphics and the Challenge. (Music is also good, and reminiscent of Old platform games.)
Thanks for making this game.