Reviews for "Wrath of Anubis"

It's Mario Jones!

Simple, simple, simple. 8-bittish. No complaints about controls. The music annoys but is muteable, so... fine by me. Not a fan of 8-bit platformers but am obliged to give a 10. Nice game.

This is platforming gaming at its best.

A perfect game by my standards.

It has perfectly captured the retro feel, which admittedly isn't everyone's cup of tea. Regardless, game play is great: challenging without being impossible, reasonably varied - requiring the player to use timing and plan ahead, and most of all just plain fun! On top of that the controls are tight, the graphics are great (in keeping with the retro style), and the setup works without needing a real story.

5/5 10/10
Anyone can pick this game up and enjoy it, even if retro isn't your thing.

Good game

Wrath of Anusbis was such a good game oldschool platform except a litte hard for newfags like me.

Retro platformer with good controls

All of the controls- double jump, wall jump, enemy bounce... they feel really clean and the whole Indiana Jones explorer theme fits the gameplay style and graphics together. I'm curious if you used Flixel to develop the game or not, though.

Canadian-Jeff responds:

Thanks for the review.

No Flixel here. (I still use AS2)


Truly great game. Brings back memories for those who played the NES, and show what it was like for those who didn't. A excellent platformer for all ages, and is pretty adicting. I give it a full score 5/5 10/10.

-Isaac Shadow.

P.S. Thanks for fixing up my sick day. Having the flu was never so much fun.