Reviews for "Flea 2"

10/10...very nice

Great sequal to your other game, "flea"
I like the new graphics and it is yet another great game from mr. kchamp
great job

:) easy as hell

no one noticed you can to keep pressing space and you can jump non stop?

WTF are you talking about?

chadmcbadd, wtf, this doesn't look like slime volleyball at all.
it's not even a fcking vollyballgame!
but the game is good

awsome game

and about the taking money part u don't have to pay to play, get over that fact thats the future of internet gaming. evony, for example u pay for resources, or gather them, get over its not that bad, i won't pay for it to but it doesn't necessarily ruin a game because of it.

You're both wrong

The reviewers and voters are crazy for not liking this masterpiece more! I was extremely impressed by this especially with just how much freedom you had. You could simply go to any place you wanted and use any kind of jumping manuever to get everything easy on every level! It is a long game, but there are so many cool things going on, it does not matter. It is hard to come up with a theme, because there are so many great things in this. This is one of the best underrated games here.