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Reviews for "Resident Evil:The Musical"

Yeah, I remember that

Resident Evil Halloween Dance Party of 2004 ended when some people got drunk and tried to eat one another... we finally stopped them by shooting them with paint ball guns.


Well Its better than Your other Flash Submissions. You should make more like this. Its funny
cuz hes singing the song to distract you then when hes trying to eat you you kill him. haha. Guss Zombies are so hungry they are starting to get smarter with Distractions. About time They got smarter. earns a 4

it bloody funny

its funny coz mj is singing and zombies are like dance dude

He Got Hungry..

Hahaha.. funny. Nice. GOOD JOB! 8/10...

Oxygen! I need oxygen!

Always in the mood for parodies or plain hilarity,(if that is even a word) I find that is movie was a little short. Of course, if it was much longer than I wouldn't be able to write this review, because I would have laughed myself to death.