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Reviews for "I Hate Ice Levels"


but it needs some work. the walljumping is really stiff.

Heeeey Not bad!

Well it's a decent start. Those wall jump levels are a bit tricky but the game is at least playable. It's challenging but has a fun concept and the title explains all. Ice levels are the gamers natural enemy. Heh, it would be funny if you made I hate fire levels. Just imagine what that would be like. This game is basically parodying that. keep up the good work!


...thank you Jesus, those last levels were really fucking hard; especially the wall jumping parts. Anyone else feel like lvl 15 was harder than lvl 16?; i was able to beat lvl 16 in like 5 min while i spent more than a half hour on lvl 15. it felt so ridiculous for me; all those precise wall jumps and then at the end having to retry a bunch of times just to get that last jump right! (I either over shot it or landed in the spikes!)
To all those ppl complaining that you can't mute it, i got 2 things to say. One, the music isn't so bad, even if it's played a bunch of times i still kind of like it (the music was average for me to begin with). Second, just fucking mute your speakers if it's that annoying, sheesh! Don't be so fucking lazy as to needing a mute switch in the actual game.


Good game, good idea, nice layout.

Biggest fault - Recognition wall jumping.

Up to level 17.. cbf anymore. << Level 17 is fine, just that I cbf.
It's just much too difficult with the retarded way that it's been set out.
Because the boxes shake when you touch them to disappear, the recognition of 'wall' moves with the shaking. So you could hit the 'roof' or not even be recognised as touching the wall. It's absolutely awful, and the only way I got through it was mashing.

This, and the fact that there's the SLIGHTEST issue with lagg. And you can't change the quality..
Do something about it.

4/5 7/10.

Ice levels. Fun... :|

+ Good level design for the most part.
+ The choice of music is pretty good. *Looks at author* No surprise there. ;)
+ Legitimately challenging by design, aside from iffy physics and an occasional unresponsive control.
- The frame rate seems a bit low... hurts my eyes.
- Wall jumps don't always work, mainly when you're moving at high speeds. THIS GETS REALLY FREAKING AWFUL ON LEVEL SEVENTEEN.
- The ice physics aren't all that great, which is a problem when ice physics are the centerpiece of your game. The ice blocks are just a bit too slippery. You also don't seem to lose momentum when you're on ice, which is unusual.
- Sometimes, because of the way the screen scrolls and because of the cameraman, you can't see very far ahead of your character, which can be frustrating.
- You can get stuck on the bottom corners of platforms for a second. Annoying. :|
- I don't know if anyone enjoys guesswork jumps, and there are a few of them in here.

Overall: Despite its flaws, it's a fun little game and you'll probably get through most of it before you get too frustrated to go on.

Level 17 almost made me lose my cookie (It also made me add caps to my review, and my bottom lip is starting to bleed). I spent almost two hours on it because of all the problems I mentioned above, plus it slows down a lot. Well, it's almost 5 AM and my vision is blurry and I'm blinking five times a second and I can't think anymore whee narwhal, so bed. But first, cookie. And you still owe me that sandwich. :P