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Reviews for "I Hate Ice Levels"

You weren't kidding

I like the concept a lot. I also hate ice levels so I understand the whole masochistic torture involved with pushing through this game. Pretty good. I hope to see more from you. Now I need to massage my hand.

You Think This is Hard?

I beat Jumper 2, and I'm on the final boss of I Wanna Be the Guy. Your pathetic ice levels don't scare me. :p ...They did kill me quite a few times, though. :)

I applaud your level design - much like Jumper, many of the levels had me saying "I have to do WHAT?!", which is something I like in a platformer. The controls are simple and straightfoward (especially since they are the same as Jumper/IWBTG minus the double jump :) ) which is always a good thing in a game like this. I'm glad you didn't add more than one hackey mechanic (and fortunately the camera guy is mostly unneeded); many people tend to throw in weird mechanics just for the sake of having them, rather than contributing to gameplay.

You lose 1 point because I am very picky and only give 10s to absolutely outstanding games, and 1 point because lag killed me almost as many times as level design (but not nearly as many times as my own stupidity).

Overall, excellent work for a game made in 48 hours. :)

Not bad

I think wall jumping was pretty cheap, regardless i saw this off of bytejacker didn't know it was on newgrounds though, fun platformer.

Jesus Christ!

Good game, I just hate it when you have to be pixel perfect with you jumps and timing.


Good game, good idea, nice layout.

Biggest fault - Recognition wall jumping.

Up to level 17.. cbf anymore. << Level 17 is fine, just that I cbf.
It's just much too difficult with the retarded way that it's been set out.
Because the boxes shake when you touch them to disappear, the recognition of 'wall' moves with the shaking. So you could hit the 'roof' or not even be recognised as touching the wall. It's absolutely awful, and the only way I got through it was mashing.

This, and the fact that there's the SLIGHTEST issue with lagg. And you can't change the quality..
Do something about it.

4/5 7/10.