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Reviews for "I Hate Ice Levels"

Funny thing about ice levels...

... is the only ones I end up hating are yours. And its not so much the level design as the actual game that holds flaws. Don't get me wrong, it is fun in it's own way, and delivers on the promise of being challenging (albeit for a lot of the wrong reasons), but there are a lot of things holding it back from being a lot better.

The first real flaw is the wall jump game mechanic. Its a great mechanic and adds a lot to the game play and level design, but the mechanic itself doesn't work very well. A lot of times it was unresponsive, and paired with spikes just inches below the space you have to wall jump, trying to wall jump off a touch-and-break type block, or wall jumping above an abyss, its just down right annoying. The worst way to lose in a game is because the game itself isn't working.

The second major flaw is that when running and jumping, particularly on the sliding ice blocks, if you jump and hit blocks above you, at times your character just stops. And sometimes when you land if you hit a certain spot (which seems to be right between two ice blocks), you lose all momentum as well. This doesn't help when you're jumping over spikes, sliding under falling icicles, etc. And it happened a lot, usually resulting in having to start over.

Another gripe is the ice physics themselves. The only thing they did was prevent you from slowing down at all unless you used the arrow keys to change your own momentum, and this idea completely contradicts itself. If there is no friction to slow you down at all, there would also be no friction to change momentum, or to start moving from a stand still. Yet, on the icy blocks, you can take off from a stand still just as if you were standing on regular ground, and you can change your momentum while sliding on ice almost instantly when you press the arrow keys. Couple this with the random stopping bug and it can be troublesome and awkward to maneuver.

The false blocks idea is a great idea, and can give a lot of depth and trickiness to a game. In this game, however, it is completely out of place. For starters, it doesn't really fit the whole "ice level" theme of the game. And secondly, the only way to find trick blocks is usually by falling through them and dying, and having to start over. This is all fine and good in most games, however, in this game, by the time you reach a false block and have to start over, you've likely already died 15 times on glitchy wall jumps, random stopping bugs, and a couple of unfortunate key presses. And then you start over, and it might take you another 15 times just to get back to the false blocks and look for another way to go.

As far as everything else goes, the game itself looked alright. The animation was nothing special, neither were the graphics, but it was tidy and clean looking and served the purpose of the game well. The music was nice, the first time through. After that, it became loud and repetitive, and then there was no way to disable it. Past the music, there was no other sound, and its not really necessary, but always adds a nice touch. The camera man, blinking recording icon, and tv-style pop up dialogues didn't really fit the theme of the game, and were not only a bit unnecessary, but negatively contributed to the performance of the game. The game itself had some uncontrollable lag, even with NG's dim light setting, quality set to lowest, and a high performance computer. Paired with everything else in the game, to die because lag threw off the timing of the game is ultimately annoying.

In all, it seems like 90% of the time, it's not player versus level difficulty, but player versus game performance difficulty. It's actually sad, because this could easily rate much higher without some of the bugs and other flaws. Its obvious a good amount of work went into it, especially to create it in only 48 hours, but as it is right now, too many things stick out to rate it much higher.


OH recien lo juego.
no llore pero dile a tu mama que me le mando saludos.

Why did you think this was a good idea?

I just played through the whole game (screw Jon). It was unfun, glitchy, and repetitive. It made my browser crash a couple times, so I'm sure there must be a memory leak somewhere.

The question is: why did you make a game based upon a game mechanic that you knew was frustrating? It is inherently bad design to make a game difficult by making the controls crappy. Then to add upon that you added the cameraman, a game mechanic that encourages level memorization over skill.

Other than those two awful mechanics, it is just a jumper clone.


this game makes me want to beat people up and im pacifist

Misleading Name

This shouldn't be called "I Hate Ice Levels." It should be called "I Hate Bugs that Screw Up Your Movement." Jump and hit the ceiling? You might suddenly stop and your jump is screwed up. Trying to do one of the precise wall jumps? You might suddenly stop going up and there goes your jump. Landing from a jump? You might suddenly stop sliding and now your timing is off. The whole ice level thing was the easiest part of the game. You could have it be a normal level, but the bugs and level design make it hard. If it weren't for the bugs, I'd give this a much higher score, because it would have been fun. Sadly, the bugs ruined it.