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Reviews for "I Hate Ice Levels"

I officially now hate ice levels.

Flip if this was my life and this is what i had to go through just to get to work then screw dat i would quit.
one annoying thing was when a row of slippery blocks stops you in midjump and then you fall onto a spike.
I'm ranking this by how good your game was vs time spent making it.
In 48 hours a good game was made.
8/10 4/5

lol ice lvl

Nice game dude i like your games i remember i always hated ice lvl in super marion bros 3 and water lvl i ghated ice an water lvls

twas fun and easy

i thought it was going to be impossible on level 4 but as soon as i figured out you can wall jump up a straight wall the whole game was easy from then on maybe that tip shouldve been in the author comment but oh well great job on the game the programing for the wall jumps were superb to where you wall jump and then say how did i just do that lol keep up the great work

:0 I AM SAD!

:( I dont get no cookies

cookie score=No crying
no crying points for me= -4

Ahh ice levels

Ah ice levels, you never cease to make the simpliest task such a huge pain!