Reviews for "I'd Rather"

Hhahaha! =D

That was fucking beautiful man =']]

TRiMedia responds:

hahaha thanks man


Single greatest think ive seen in my life

have my children?

whoever made this video is the god of all gods. i bow down to you. i want to have sex with you but frankly...id just rather give you some head. after i watched this video, i literally went blind for a second because of the greatness i have just viewed. i love this techno beat just as much as i love the linkin park remix using a country beat. anyways this is the greatest film ever created. ever.

TRiMedia responds:

u just read my mind. thank you for the support


Dear Shane, i believe i just jizzed in my pants.

Your dear friend~~~~Shanekunzisawesome

My 2010 fav song

Dude this flash was just pure genius, I really loved this, the song is quite cathy, I had to watch it a few times because I was laughing so hard that I missed a few things, dude you're like a God.

TRiMedia responds:

YES! haha thank you