Reviews for "Quickdraw (Part 2)"

perfect for part 2

nice job i didnt see you already made full version hopefully my suggestions made it on it

Finished! Nicely done.

Simple, but fun. It's a nice concept, and I got a laugh out of the characters. The art was a little iffy, but that doesn't matter in this case. Good job!


i was playinh it... and when i came across hitler level, i closed the game

53xy83457 responds:

That's a very nice little story, thanks for sharing.


Terrible drawings and animation, but it still had creativity and wit flying out of every orifice.
Therefore I award this game a TEN! :)

Dude you have to be a ninja to beat this

the first one was easy this one is like your reflects have to be faster than chuck norris throwing around nunchucks ( haha pun) at 50,000,000,000 mile per hour!!!
all i'm saying is: Eaze up on the quickness so that it's not too touch but not too easy.